Terms & Conditions

A.Conditions of Use
The user should be 18 years old in order to use the Football App.
B. Charges
Airtel Africa reserves the right to alter the subscription charge and / or membership fees for a user, by notifying in advance regarding the Football Portal service. To use the Airtel Football portal, the user will be liable to be charged a monthly/weekly/daily charge as communicated in advance by the operator – which includes being able to consume any content as made available to the user. If the user were to choose two different packages across any of the available storefronts, each package will be charged separately. To subscribe to the service the user must access one of the storefronts as offered by the operator. If the system fails to charge the given amount for the subscription, it will not display the content in the application.
C. Content
Airtel Africa will advertise minimum 5 news items related to football in general. The user can also obtain match updates when matches are being played. The matches to be included in the product will be determined by the importance according to the ongoing league or tournament.
D. Unsubscribing
To unsubscribe, the user must send the word STOP to the short code as designated by the operator. If the user sends the word STOP and he is subscribed to one or more service bundles of Football Application Portal, the subscription will be cancelled for all the service bundles. In case of the Handset App, as and when it is made available, the user will have to remove it at his/her own accord from the handset.